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Golf Club Fitting at Fit2Score

Properly fit golf clubs are the foundation of a good golf swing. At Fit2Score you will experience golf club fitting not golf club selling that appears to be club fitting. Russ, owner of Fit 2 Score will be your personal golf equipment coach. He has the dedication, experience, expertise and equipment to fit your golf clubs. Fit2Score was named by Golf Digest in 2011, 2013 and again in 2015 as one of America's 100 Best Clubfitters. Golf club fitting requires an understanding of golf equipment, fitness and swing biomechanics. Russ is certified by the Titleist Performance Institute, a leading authority on golf training, as a Level 2 Golf Fitness Instructor. Your fitting experience will not be focused on selling you golf gear. It will focus on finding a synergy between you swing skills and your golf gear.

Golf Club Fitting at Fit2Score

Properly fit golf clubs are the foundation of a good golf swing. At Fit2Score you will experience a tour level golf club fitting. Russ, owner of Fit 2 Score will be your personal golf equipment coach. He has the dedication, experience, expertise and equipment to fit your golf clubs. Fit2Score was named by Golf Digest in 2011 and again in 2013 as one America's Best 100 Clubfitters.

Outdoor Launch Monitor Fitting

Golf Shafts

I am the owner and chief editor of GOLF SHAFT REVIEWS. The golf shaft is such an important apsect of golf club fitting that I designed and manufactured a unique instrument for measuring golf shafts. At Golf Shaft Reviews I share my knowledge of golf shafts, shaft testing results and shaft fitting experience.
My shaft fitting system uses a universal head adapter. My extensive array of driver shafts can be used in almost any driver head with an adjustable hosel tip. I can test and retro fit your favorite head with shafts from my fitting system. If you have several heads and shafts you would like outfitted with this system contact me with details for a quote. One set of fitting shafts can fit into almost any head on the market. If you like to experiment with heads and shafts, your personal collection can be outfitted with this easy to use system. Most of the top fitters have converted to it. Their confidence in this system is a strong testimonial. The system is now USGA approved and supplies, once limited, are now available.

Call me for an appointment to evaluate your gear and compare it with the 2017 array of heads.
Telephone: 817 247 3110

Universal Shaft and Head Fitting System

The Golf Club Fitting Process

Over the last few years a lot of attention has been directed at the importance of properly fit golf clubs. Unfortunatlely not enought attention has been focused on the difference between golf club selling and golf club fitting. At Fit2Score, golf club fitting is NOT a step in a process directed toward selling you new golf clubs. I start by evaluating the fit of your existing golf clubs to your swing and identify where you will get value for your club investment. A recommendation may include fitness training or swing coaching. The major brands now sell heads only to elite fitters. Fit2Score is a head only fitter with Mizuno and TaylorMade. Any Mizuno and Taylormade head can be fit and built with any of AeroTech, KBS, Mitsubishi, Nippon or TrueTemper shafts offered by Fit2Score.

There are two approaches to club fitting, fit the swing or fit for swing development. I explain the pros and cons of equipment choices and let you make the decision of fitting your equipment to your swing, or selecting equipment directed toward swing improvement. You will be offered adjustments to your current equipment or a recommendations for new custom built golf clubs. Custom made golf clubs, like a custom made suit, are the ultimate assurance your equipment will fit and improve your golf swing.

Outdoor Golf Club Fitting

I play golf outdoors and I fit outdoors. I do not play on an indoor simulator, so I do not do fittings on a simulator. As we watch the ball fly we adjust our swing based on what we see. Without the feedback of watching a ball fly, the golf club fitting process does not work for many golfers. It takes more time to custom fit golf clubs outdoors; the golf swing analysis gear must be set up each time. At times the weather does not cooperate. If you want your clubs fit in the same way as golfing professionals gets custom fit golf clubs, call to schedule your outdoors golf club fitting experience.

Two Dallas Fort Worth Locations

Map to BMSC

Golf_Center at the Highlands

2538 Golden Bear Drive
Carrollton, Texas 75006
Conveniently located between the George Bush Turnpike and the Dallas North Tollway. Outdoor grass tees and covered, heated mats for inclement weather. Fittings by appointment

Map to GBGC

Bobby Moore's Sports Center

6113 Colleyville Boulevard
(Route 26)
Colleyville, Texas 76034

Located 4 miles south west of 114 on Route 26 and 4 miles north of 121 near Hall Johnson Road. Famly owned and operated since 1983. Grass tees. Fittings by appointment.

Launch Monitor Golf Club Fitting

While many offer launch monitor golf club fitting, the art of golf club fitting is knowing how to interpret the huge matrix of launch monitor information. I can set my hands throught impact to change my 6 iron launch by up to 3 degrees. Golf club fitting is more than reading numbers off a launch monitor, it is a blend of proper state of the art equipment, expertise and experience. Understanding the golf shaft, golf club head design, club weight and balance sets the professional fitter apart from a launch monitor operator. While launch monitors and fitting carts have been available for years, the science of fitting is always evolving. Selecting the right golf club fitting expert is how you will truly benefit from golf club fitting.
If you are simply interested in spending time in front of a FlightScope launch monitor to understand your swing, launch data and club distance gaps, call for an appointment.

FlightScope Image
Phase array doppler radar presents a club fitter with both the flight of the golf ball and the flight of the golf club head. I review the effect of weight, balance and shaft design as part of your tour level golf club fitting process. The FlightScope X2 takes 17,000 measurements of the club head and ball every second. Only the very best cameras in the world can match this frame rate. The radar renderings are used to evaluate how you interact with different heads, shafts and weight.

Golf Swing Analysis

Understanding the golf swing is a keystone in golf club fitting. The notion that golf clubs can fix swing faults is simply not true. The very first company to offer systematic golf club fitting, Henry-Griffitts, required that certified fitters be certified teaching professionals. The clubfitter must be to be able to look for swing faults, especially "compensations" designed to adjust for poorly-fitted clubs. Without properly fitted clubs, you will either subconciously or learn to adjust your swing to compensate; this means that you may have some swing faults whose ONLY cure is new clubs. But it takes swing coaching experience to recognize what can be fixed with golf clubs and what is better addressed with motion skills instruction. All of the fitters at The Golf Center at the Highlands are swing coaches.

Slow Motion Golf Swing

Golf swing and club fitting analytic tools are constantly evolving. Mizuno has had a fitting tool based on strain gauges for several years. A number of miniature Bluetooth accelerometers / gyroscopes that attach to the golf club have become available over the last few years. Arrays of infrared cameras can show you every aspect of your body motion, shaft bend and head path. The science of club fitting has made a great advances but the art of club fitting remains firmly based on experience. My preference remains radar. It is non-intrusive, meaning nothing is attached to the club that changes the weight or balance of the club. Experience has taught me that as little as a gram or two will affect the flight of the club head. The only intrusive tool I use on occasion is SkyPro. It attaches near the handle of the club, creating a change of balance. It does not add weight to the head which has a dramatic effect on release, changing shaft droop, swing plane and head rotation. When needed to illustrate swing path or shaft lean throught impact it can be used outdoors with a minimum of setup time.

SkyPro Image

SkyPro Swing Sensor

Get started on integrating your golf clubs to your swing skills. Call for an appointment.

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