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Your golf equipment choices are endless. So much so that working with an experienced golf club fitter is essential to selecting the proper equipment for your ability, agility and strength. In a white paper written by GolfSmith several years ago it was noted that premium golf club fitting is the most effective tool for selling golf clubs. That message has been embraced by golf equipment retailers. COMMERCIAL golf club fitting is offered by every big box store with an interest in promoting golf equipment. Several years ago when I asked the owner of a multi site golf equipment fitting business what the hottest driver head was he replied, "the brand paying the largest incentives to my fitters."

ETHICAL Golf Club Fitting puts the interest of the golfer ahead of the incentives and profits of selling golf equipment. An ethical fitter might tell you that your current equipment is well suited to your swing. He is willing to say that you should not expect game improvement from new gear. Should you want game improvement, you should see a swing or fitness coach. The most you are likely to get from new gear is game assistance. Equipment can stabilize your swing dynamics, it cannot fix it. For that, an ethical fitter, with all the equipment he brings to a fitting session, will tell you to seek out a swing or fitness coach. You should expect to pay an ethical fitter for his time, that time has a value and is separate from the cost of golf equipment.

Your Fit2Score fitting session is guided by your golf objectives and your budget. I do not like using the term game improvement in conjunction with golf clubs. Golf clubs, at best, can assist your game by matching your swing with an appropriate set of clubs. Game improvement comes from motion training and fitness. Below is a brief review of some of the products I specialize in. Many of these products are offered as fully custom built. They are assembled by me from individual heads, shafts and grips that exactly match your fitting session results.

The pro shop at The Golf Center at the Highlands is fully stocked with all the top name brands in golf. The fitters are all highly skilled swing coaches with years of experience. Outdoor fittings are done using fully equipped fitting systems from Callaway, Cleveland, Mizuno, Nike, Ping, TaylorMade and Titleist. Your clubs are ordered to your needs from the custom building departments of these companies. Our fitting objective is to improve your golf game and love of the sport.

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Miura Golf Club Fitting

Miura makes forged iron heads in a family owned foundry in Hmeji, Japan a region that was the center of samuri sword making. The steelmaking skills in that area are generations old. Katsuhiro Miura and his sons Yoshitaka and Shinei participate in the production of Miura irons as well as club fitting. They maintain their art through active participation. The designs are born and refined from their experience. The heads are handcrafted and the quality control is second to none. Before venturing into producing irons under the Miura family name, the foundry produced forged iron heads for other brands.

Miura produces what might be called a traditonal iron head. The designs are limited to blades and cavity backs. They make a broad range of heads in that category from small blades to the forgiving Passing Point. If you are looking for the best forged head in the business, look no further. There are numerous boutique designs in the market, but nothing that I have seen equals the quality and variety of Miura.

Miura irons are not in everyone's budget. A set of 8 custom made irons costs roughly $1900. I very often will make a trial 6i for clients committed to the purchase of a set of Miura irons. I speak from personal experience when I say there is no better feeling in the game than a well struck iron shot with a properly fit Miura iron.

Miura Golf

Miura irons
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Mizuno Golf Club Fitting

Fit2Score is now a Mizuno head only account. This means I can fit and build Mizuno clubs with any shaft. Mizuno is joining other major brands offering this option to elite fitters with building experience. I am adding a wide range of shafts to my Mizuno fitting system. The ultralight Nippon Zelos, the entire range of Nippon Modus3 and the unique Mitusbishi OTi carbon fiber can now be tested with the entire spectrum of Mizuno heads.

Mizuno has been in the forging business over 70 years. Models are kept in the line for 2 years, making adding to your set or replacing a lost club effortless. Mizuno long has been THE brand in forged irons. What few realize in the marketing buzz generated by the bigger golf brands is the 2013 Mizuno JPX-800 had a .82 COR, close to the USGA max. It was pushed to .830 in the JPX 850 with a larger sweet spot and an improved sole.

If you think of Mizuno as a players brand only, you should have a look at their game enhancement designs. Mizuno is one of the one of the largest sporting goods companies on the planet. They offer a wide range of heads for every golfers needs. The JPX irons have traditionally been Mizuno's best selling irons. They deliver game assistance without being offensively large to look down at. This year there are three unique designs. The JPX 900 Tour is a classic Mizuno Forged head with a new shape muscle back cavity shape. A bit more game assistance come from the JPX 900 Forged. It has the same Boron reinforced face as the MP-25 creating one of the hottest iron faces in the business in a traditionally sized head. The JPX 900 Hot Metal is Mizuno's first cup face iron. Cup faces have long been used in drivers and fairways to create huge sweet spots. The JPX 900 Hot Metal does just that. Those challanged to find the center of the face consistently are going to appreciate this head. If you are looking for a iron head designed to deliver distance, there is nothing better in the market at any price.

Last year's story was the Boron enhanced MP-25. It was an evolution of the MP-H5. The COR, spring of the face, increases from head to head, starting with the 6 iron, throughout the set. If you are distance challenged on your longer irons, and see your gaps get narrower as your clubs get longer, this is the fix. The MP-25 has a players club look. The sole in narrow, the back design is uncluttered and the top line is thin at setup. Having a little pop on your long iron faces is an interesting idea for us older guys as well as the tour players that put it in their bags. If you find yourself on thin Texas fairways you will appreciate how much easier it is to pick a ball clean with the narrow cambered sole of the MP-25.

The MP-S5 wedge is a winner. I do like the feel of forged wedges. And I disagree with those who state there is no difference. Wack vs Click. The T7 and S5 wedges wins the feel contest in my hands. With a huge matrix of lofts and bounce/grid and shaft options, you can get a custom forged wedge at a competitive off the rack price.

One round with the new JPX 900 fairway and it became my favorite all time fairway head. It has it all, a hot face, slotted sole making thin strikes launch and a large, high MOI head. A center weight track positions the center of gravity for the spin you need. A new light weight shaft tip allows for up to 2 degrees of loft adjustment in either direction. Retrofitted with a Mitsubishi Thump fairway shaft it is easy to launch while delivering tight dispersion. If you are looking for a fairway head that is easy to hit, a custom fit JPX 900 should be at the top of your list. There is only one consideration, you have to like blue.

The MP-S5 wedge is a winner. I do like the feel of forged wedges. And I disagree with those who state there is no difference. Wack vs Click. The T7 and S5 wedges wins the feel contest in my hands. With a huge matrix of lofts and bounce/grid and shaft options, you can get a custom forged wedge at a competitive off the rack price.

Mizuno IronsMizuno MP Irons

Mizuno Golf

TaylorMade Golf Club Fitting

Fit2Score is one of the golf club fitters selected by TaylorMade as a Tour Preferred Dealer. You can experience our wide range of shafts in any TaylorMade head. This program makes tour level fitting available with TaylorMade products. The Fit2Score fitting system features TaylorMade Drivers, Fairways, Hybrids and Irons. My TaylorMade iron heads have been equipped to accept the wide range of shafts I feature from AeroTech, KBS, Loomis, Mitsubishi, Nippon, TrueTemper and UST.

TaylorMade M1 2017 Driver

The TaylorMade 2016 M1 driver head design was so good it was hard to imagine another design that improved it. The 2017 design was not a significant change to the head, merely a fine tuning of an already great driver head. There are two versions of the 2017 M1 head, 460 and 440. The 440 is narrower, taller and not as deep. This puts the center of gravity forward, creating a propensity to launch lower. When I fit, I match the shape of your impact dispersion to the head shape, when I see horizontal dispersion, I recommend the 460 head, for vertical dispersion, the 440 is a better fit. On the 2017 M1, a carbon fiber toe panel, a light weight titanium skeletal structure and a lighter weight hosel insert reduce the weight of the head. This puts more weight into the custom slides, increasing the customization of the head. Some of that weight is repositioned into the rear slot allowing for 64% more center of gravity movement vs the original M1 430. A feature of the weights I use in fitting is adjusting the total weight of the head. They are easily ground to create a head weight that perfectly synchronizes with your swing.

The forward weight track acts as a compression slot along the bottom of the face. Compression slots expand the 'sweet spot' of the face. The face can trampoline along the bottom edge. This makes the bottom of the face hot, adding ball speed to low face misstrikes as well as increasing the overall sweet range of the face. When you hit an intentional low face strike into the wind this added compression adds to ball speed. The weights can be centered to focus the center of gravity low and forward or back to increase toe heal forgiveness. The forward weight, moved toward toe or heal, can alter your rate of closure. The rotating hosel adds or subtracts 2 degrees of loft change and lie adjustment.

My fitting experience to date with the M1 head has shown it to be exceptional. The sliding weights are a great tool for fine tuning head presentation to the ball.

TaylorMade M1 Driver

TaylorMade M1 2017 Fairway

There are significant changes to the 2017 M1 fairway. The weight track is pulled back to the center of the head making room for a speed pocket close to the face. The slot adds compression to the bottom of the face, adding distance to low face strikes and generally increasing the sweet area of the fairway face. Moving the track back creates both the ability to tune the head center of gravity while not compromising face performance. Moving a single 25 gram mass has more effect than the pair of weights used in 2016. The sole is reshaped to reduce turf drag. The nut on the weight can be easily ground to create your perfectly balanced fairway. The adjustable hosel make this a full featured fairway head and the perfect 'fitter' fairway head. The retail price of the M1 starts at $300. Premium shafts can get that price to $500. I have sold countless fairways with premium shafts. For the many golfers who have their first experience with a premium shaft in a fairway there are two reactions. First, OMG, I never hit a fairway like that. Second, sticker shock. The simple fact is that you will not see anything but premium driver shafts in the fairways of golf professionals.

A fairway shaft from Mitsubishi, the Diamana Thump, gives premium like shaft performance without sticker shock. Come prepared with your fairway swing, I have a bag full of low tip torque, high launch shafts that make your fairway a pin seeker you can trust.

TaylorMade M1 Fairway

Taylor Made M1 2017 Rescue Hybrid

My first hybrid was a TaylorMade Rescue. I struggled with that club; I could hook it around a barn. At the time I did not know that a soft tip shaft designed to add launch had too much torque to keep the head square. By making the TaylorMade Rescue head available to tour preferred dealers without a shaft you can now get a tour level fit with this classic hybrid head. The M1 has a sole slot, filled and hardly noticable, adding distance to a low face strike. TaylorMade the adjustable hosel facilitates fitting with different shafts. In the 2017 design there is a sliding 27 gram weight. I have a wide selection of hybrid shaft options, ranging from ultralight graphite to steel. Yes, steel. Steel, especially lighter weight steel, like the KBS CTaper Lite, delivers dispersion control to strong swingers at a reasonable price.

The weight track in the M1 Rescue lets me adjust this head to create a loft and shaft length combinations that perfectly gap above your longest iron.

TaylorMade M1 Rescue

TaylorMade M2 2017 Driver

There are about as many M2 Driver heads in play on tour as M1s. Like the M1, a carbon fiber crown and titanium body gave the designers the ability to move weight low and back for speed and launch. I have not yet measured the 2017 M2. If it follows the 2016 design, it is a light weight head designed to be played long. I fit most 2016 M2 drivers at standard length with additional weight added to the tip of the shaft.

The speed pocket on the M2 is larger than the M1. This contributes to a very large sweet spot on the face and unsurpassed low face performance. New this year is a draw biased design. Again, I have not seen the head, but the specifications have two noteworth comments. First, more offset. Second and this is the most interesting, "draw-promoting crown cosmetics"

TaylorMade M2 Driver

TaylorMade M2 2017 Fairway

The M2 fairway, like the M1 has a 6 layer carbon fiber crown that made weight available to lower the center of gravity. The frame and face are stainless. This is the first fairway from TaylorMade with an inverted cone technology face with a forgiving, bigger sweet spot. Add that to a longer speed pocket that delivers more ball speed on low face strikes and you have a great fairway head.

The only downside to this head is the lack of an adjustable hosel. That means shaft fitting must be done with a weight matched M1 head. Both the M2 and M1 are available in a #3-HL 16.5 degree version. This loft a great option if you are launch challanged on a 3 wood. Without and adjustable hosel on the M2, it is needed choice for many golfers. If you only carry one fairway, it should be your loft of choice.

There is a tour version in 2017. The head is slightly smaller with a front center weight port. This hot face head is likely to see tour play and that means it needs weight options.

Comments from a recent fitting, "Went away to Atlanta for a golf weekend with the new Thump shaft in an M2 3 wood. I was embarrassed hitting it consistently 250 yards in the fairway and 10 yards past my partners' driver tee shots. Didn't bother pulling out my driver the last 36 holes. Too bad it can't help my putting!"

TaylorMade M2 Fairway

TaylorMade M2 2017 Rescue

The M2 Rescue has always looked to me like a small version of the M2 fairway. The 2017 version has a two tone crown. It is not carbon fiber, but the look is much the same as the M2 Fairway. Like the M2 fairway, it does not have an adjustable hosel. Shaft selection must be done with the M1 rescue. I like the long slotted sole design of the TaylorMade M2 Rescue. It extends from heal to toe. Hybrids deliver more forgivness on toe and heal strikes than the irons they replace. Having the sole slot extend to the toe and heal makes sense. Having the ability to put the shaft that continues your iron fit into your long iron replacement clubs also makes sense. The TaylorMade component program makes that option affordable. This head is a larger than the M1. To my eye, it occupies a middle ground between a fairway and a professional hybrid design. The deeper the head, the more forgiving it is on off center strikes. If that is what you need, this is the head of choice.

TaylorMade Rescue Hybrid

TaylorMade 2017 Irons

There is not much more I could write about the 2017 irons than Benoit Vincent says in this interview. I will hold comments until I have the heads in January and get expereience with them

Fit2Score is a TaylorMade Preferred Dealer. This new program makes heads available to the custom builder without shafts. You can be fit into the wide range of shafts I feature from AeroTech, KBS, Mitsubishi, Nippon, TrueTemper and UST. Your clubs are then built to your exact shaft fit, possibly hard or soft stepped, with shafts not available through the TaylorMade custom department.

TaylorMade 2017 Irons
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Fit2Score Golf Shaft Profiling

The golf shaft measuring instrument and shaft knowledge base are now availabe to golf professionals. To learn more about these products visit these links.

Fit2Score Shaft Profile Knowledge Base
Fit2Score Shaft Measuring Instrument

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