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We recently updated this blog and changed our video hosting platform. I had to go through all the posts and relink the videos. This post falls into a category I must call legacy material. It was early in my discovery of EI profiling and shows version 6 of my instrument. Its crude compared to the current instrument, and so is the production. But, it has been watched thousands of times. It is on the list of productions that need a remake.

Golf Shaft Flexural Rigidity – EI Profiling

Young’s modulus is a measure of the stiffness of an elastic material.  It is often used to determine the strength of a beam.  Shaft stiffness varies along the length of the shaft.  Using Young’s modulus, the ratio of stress to strain, a shaft can be measured at different points along its length.  This has come to be known as shaft profiling.  When the values are expressed per Young’s modulus, this is called EI Profiling.  Other databases, using different methods to measure stiffness, are also used for the same purpose.  A fitter uses knowledge of the flexural profile of shafts to quickly find a shaft that fits a golfers swing.

Golf Shaft Stiffness Measurement

The flex terms one commonly sees, R, S, X have little meaning to a fitter that knows the EI profiles of the shafts he uses.  As one comes to understand the many, many shaft stiffness profiles available today, flex letters become little more than a shaft manufacturers method of swing speed rating their shafts.  There is no uniform standard for defining shaft stiffness.  And as you develop a knowledge of EI profiles, you understand the futility of thinking that a standard could be defined.  Each design will load and unload differently in the hands of different golfers.  What works for one style of swing at a particular speed will behave differently with a different swing style at the same speed.

Golf Shaft EI Measurement Instruments

When I learned about EI profiling, I discovered there was no uniform system for measuring beam stiffness of golf shafts.  Laboratory instruments used by some shaft companies, cost in excess of $10,000.  A friend and I undertook the design and creation of a EI measuring instrument.  Our objective was to use gravity to apply the load that is applied by hydraulics in the expensive laboratory equipment.  When an early version of the instrument was shown at a club making convention, many asked that we make a machine for them when making our own.  Guiding weight without introducing friction lead us to invest in a milling machine.  Producing 15 machines for friends took all of our spare time for 6 months.  Today, 2 years later, databases with hundreds of shafts, are shared among the owners of the EI measuring instrument.

Shaft Alignment Author: | Posted in: Golf Club Making, Golf Shafts |

Shaft alignment has been debated by club makers for a long time.  A esoteric language evolved with terms like type 1, 2 & 3, N1, N2, NBP.  My experience and my understanding of the 8 page article, written by my friend, Dave Tutelman is the basis of this video.  There is a lot of misinformation about shaft spines.  Most of which is a based on so called spine finders.  These three point deflection devices show an apparent tendency of a shaft to snap to a particular plane.  This video show exactly what they measure and goes on to truly measure the radial profile of a shaft.

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