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Golf Club Fitting Services

A Golf Club Fitting at Fit2Score explores your relationship with your golf clubs to find how and where you might improve your game through equipment. If game improvement is not possible through equipment, you will not be encouraged to purchase new equipment. I offer a service and charge a fee for it. As part of that service, I will look at your swing and may make coaching and fitness recommendations.

The question facing a club fitter - fit the swing or fit for swing improvement. Most choose to fit the swing. It is easier to sell clubs that way. It requires less training. I offer a choice. The weight, length, lie angle, balance and style of your clubs are going to shape your swing. If you are after game improvement, then fit, fitness and form must all be considered.

I converted my shaft fitting system to the Club Conex Uni-Fit universal head adapter. My extensive array of driver shafts can now be used in almost any driver head with an adjustable hosel tip. I can test and/or retrofit your favorite head with shafts from my fitting system. If you decide to have your heads fitting with this system, you can use any of your own driver shafts in any of your own driver heads. The UniFit system is USGA approved.

My fitting system has an extensive selection of shafts. All of the bend profile options in the full range of weights and stiffness are available for your fitting experience. You will not be limited to the small selection of stock shafts typically available in a fitting cart. As the chief editor of Golf Shaft Reviews I have a unique understanding of all of the latest shaft designs, their evolution and the shaft designs that have, over many years, become the legacy standards. You will have a truly unique experience.

The Golf Swing

Driver Fitting
Fairway Fitting
Hybrid Fitting
Iron Fitting
Wedge Fitting
Putter Fitting

Golf Club Reshafting

Not all fittings are aimed at new clubs. Quite often, new shafts, along with weighting, lie and loft adjustments are all that are needed to improve your fit. When appropriate, this is one of the options you will be offered. The Fit2Score tour level fitting system has 10 staff bags full of shafts to find the appropriate shaft for you swing and strength.

Golf Wedge Grinding

Some Wedge brands offer a wide range of wedge sole grinds, others do not. In a wedge fitting we determine the most appropriate sole grind for your swing and playing conditions. If your wedge style requires custom shaping of your wedge soles, I have the tools and experience to grind your wedges and do so on a regular basis.

Golf Driver Fitting

Your driver is a unique club that you swing differently from all the other clubs in your bag. The ball is teed up, angle of attack will add or remove loft. During the fitting we look at loft and angle of attack to find the right combination of ball launch angle and spin to maximize distance and accuracy. The heads I work with have both variable and movable weights. It never fails to amaze me how very small changes to head weight and center of gravity affect the delivery of the driver head to the ball. My driver fitting system of over 150 shafts was selected to create a wide range of shaft profile, weight and stiffness options for all golfers needs and budgets. My close relationships with the shaft companies results in early access to the latest designs. To learn more about shafts, look at my Golf Shaft Reviews website.

FlightScope Screens
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Adjustable hosel driver heads are available from every major equipment company. Very few golfers I have worked with understand what the proper launch trajectory looks like for their swing speed. That is hard to see anywhere but outside. If you are a devoted golfer, that alone is worth the cost of a session with a skilled FlightScope radar equipped fitter. And I encourage you to book a session with no intent to purchase equipment where we simply explore your existing gear and swing dynamics.

Golf Fairway Club Fitting

For me, the most thrilling shot in golf is watching a well struck fairway outside the 200 yard markers, gently draw into a green and stick. What is it worth to you to have that shot in your bag?
Properly fit fairway clubs create that potential. I have assembled a large collection of fairway shafts to create accuracy and control flighting. My selections tend to be mid to low torque designs, with a range of weigths to promote a sweeping swing. This year every brand has copied the Adams compression slot technology in some manner. If you do not have a fairway head with this technology you are leaving yards on the fairway. If you have never experienced a tour quality shaft in a fairway you have no idea what you are missing.

High rebound fairway faces were once the domain of a few speciality companies and products. Adams speed slot technology extended that domain. Today, there are now multiple sources for fairway heads with driver like spring effect faces and large sweet spots. It appears the entire industry has adapted a sole slot. If you are distance challanged with your fairway metals and have not taken advantage of this technology you are leaving some yards on the table.

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With fairways, golfers often show up with several, "I tried this, then this one ..."
Professional golfers use premium driver shafts in their fairways, they fit the hardest club in the bag to hit with the same quality shafts they use in their drivers. It is little wonder that the typical fairway I see, which was purchased for less than the cost of a decent shaft delivers inconsistent results. For most of us, finding that great shaft fit is not something that needs to happen more than once. We might change fairway heads on that shaft, but the investment in a good shaft will have a long term benefit.

Golf Hybrid Club Fitting

As our clubs get longer our swing plane tends to get flatter. This results in strike errors that are increasingly horizontal. The face design of hybrids are radiused like drivers and fairways and impart a corrective gear effect spin to heel and toe strikes. In addition, the low, rearward positioning of the center of gravity adds stability to the head and launch trajectory to the ball.

Hybrid head bulge

Face bulge has been designed into golf clubs since the 1880's. In 1946 the A.G Spalding & Bros. Company filed a patent on the optimum bulge radius of a golf club head. As the center of gravity of a head moves back away from the face, a bulged face will apply corrective gear effect spin to the ball to compensate for an off center hit.

Your choice between driving irons and hybrids is based on your ability to strike the center of the face with long irons.
Using a hybrid head to replace long irons also makes it easier to launch the ball faster and higher. The faces have more spring than a typical iron. This creates more ball speed and distance from a shorter and therefore easier to hit golf club. The crown and sole slots in the Adams heads pushed the rebound of the face to the USGA limits and add to ball launch height.

The golf shaft can make a huge difference in playability of a hybrid golf club. Stock shafts are designed to get the ball up with soft tip zones. However, soft tip, high torque shafts produce monster snap hooks when you make an aggressive swing. I have "fixed" countless hybrids of strong players with steel shafts. My hybrid fitting system includes a large selection of shafts selected from shaft profile knowledge and player feedback.

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When hybrids were first introduced, they were much longer than the club they were intended to replace. The result was large distance differences from the club they were intended to replace. This sillyness has ended with hybrids being made just slightly longer than the club they are intended to replace. A profession fitting works with club lengths and lofts to produce consistent club to club distance gaps in your set.

Golf Iron Fitting

Fit2Score is a Mizuno Top 100 club fitter. My Mizuno fitting system was expanded with many hard and soft step shafts. The grips and shaft lengths are changed during the fitting session. You get to test a club that fits you.
TaylorMade and Miura heads are used in a system that includes every KBS and Nippon steel shaft, all models, weights and flexes. The graphite shaft selection features Aerotech, Mitsubishi and the UST Recoil. Callaway, Ping, and Titleist are fit out of factory carts at the Golf Center at the Highlands location.

The products page shows the many heads used in the Fit2Score irons fitting system.

An iron fitting must start with a discussion of objectives. Fit the swing or fit to fix the swing? As a TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor, I have cross trained to evaluate your swing compatability with iron head designs. Weight, Length, Grip Size, Head Design, Lie, Loft - all must fit your swing, your fitness and your objectives for your game. Once your clubs are delivered, you can book another session for distance and gap analysis.

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Golf Wedge Fitting

Most Golfers focus on driver fitting and overlook getting properly fit for their scoring clubs. As loft increases, having the proper lie angle is increasingly critical. Using the right lofts will give you consistent distance gaps.

Custom grinds, once available only to golf professionals, are now available from many brands. Understanding these grinds and how they fit your game and course conditions can be confusing without the assistance of a professional fitter that understands wedge grinding.

Speciality wedge shafts proliferated when the new groove rules took effect. My wedge fitting system gives you the opportunity to test most of these to find the feel and flight that fits your style. To learn more about wedge shafts, look at my Golf Shaft Reviews website.

Wedge Terms

During a wedge fitting we will look at your wedge swings to determine how the sole of your wedge should be shaped. Wedge sole grinds should match your wedge use, swing styles and course conditions.  Bounce, sole width, camber, roll as well as leading and trailing edge shape all play a role in how your scoring clubs work with your swing. Your wedges should be tuned to match with how you use each of them.

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Russ Grinding a Wedge

A good wedge shot comes from solid contact with the back of the ball. For that you need a sole shaped to match your swing.  I grind wedges, an art rarely available outside a tour van.

Golf Putter Fitting

You will take more strokes with your putter than any other club in your bag. Consistency comes from practice and a long term relationship with your putter. Length, grip size, grip alignment, weight and balance all influence consistency. Anchoring has been taken from us so practice and a good fit are all that we have to gain a putting advantage. We are back to the basics.

The weight of a putter influences tempo, acceleration, speed and swing path. With too much weight, both tempo and acceleration are difficult to control on short putts. Too little weight makes it is hard to achieve consistent control of distance on long puts. The proper balance matches weight and style for accuracy and distance control.

Adding weight to the butt of the putter will help a golfer with active hands and wrists achieve a stable stroke without affecting the weight of the head. If you are truly looking to improve your putting, my partner at the Golf Center at the Highlands, Mark Maness, a former PGA tour player, can combine basic putting skills evaluation and training with a putter fitting.

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Putting Stance Animation

Having the correct length and lie guides you into a comfortable putting stance and posture.  Properly fit, your putter consistently sets you up, complements your style of putting and helps you aim.

The lie must be adjusted to place the putter head flat on the ground. If the putter toe is tilted up or down, the loft of the putter misdirects the putt. While there is only a small loft, a small misdirection results in a missed putt. The greater the length of the putt, the more critical it is that your putter lie is correctly fit.

Putt Skidding

A small amount of loft on a putter gets the ball out of the depression its weight creates in the green. The quicker the ball gets rolling after being lifted by the putter loft, the more accurate your putts will be. In this high speed video, you can watch the ball lift from the green, bounce, skid, and finally start rolling. A properly fit putter has just enough loft to lift the ball at impact without creating backspin. Backspin adds to the bounce and skid of the ball and reduces putting accuracy.

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