Golf Club Fitting Technology

Outdoor Launch Monitor Golf Club Fitting

The art of golf club fitting is knowing how to interpret the huge matrix of launch monitor information. Golf club fitting is more than reading numbers off a launch monitor, it is a blend of state of the art equipment, expertise and experience. Finding the the golf shaft, golf club head design, club weight and balance for your swing is what sets the professional fitter apart from a launch monitor operator. While launch monitors and fitting carts have been available for years, the science of fitting is always evolving. Selecting the right golf club fitting expert is how you will truly benefit from golf club fitting.

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Golf Shaft Fitting

It is often said the golf shaft is the transmission of your swing engine. The energy applied at the grip moves to the head via the shaft. There have been a number of attempts by club builders to quantify the properties of the shaft. Shaft companies use EI internally but do not share that information. As a club builder & fitter I did not see how I could build or fit without knowing the properties of the golf shaft. Fit2Score designed and built an instrument to measuring golf shaft EI. That instrument is now used in the R&D labs of several shaft companies. The Fit2Score database has thousands of shafts. When we fit, we know the precise differences of the shafts we are testing on your swing.

If you want to learn about golf shafts read the Technology Articles on Golf Shaft Reviews. If you want to understand the properties and differences between golf shafts subscribe to the site. It is constantly updated with reviews of shafts as they are developed.

Using EI to compare shaft stiffness

It is well known there is no shaft stiffness standard. Jeff Meyer, a shaft guru with a long history in the golf business, suggested we look at area under the EI curves to compare stiffness. This was a stunning insight. We can now rate the thousands of shafts measured on a uniform stiffness scale.

Interchangable Shaft Tip System
We are second to none in our understanding of golf shaft fitting.
Our driver, fairway and hybrid fitting systems use universal head adapters. An extensive array of shafts can be used in almost any driver, fairway or hybrid head with an adjustable hosel tip. We can test and retro fit your favorite head with the shafts in our fitting system.