Golf Fairway Fitting

Golf fairway fitting is essential for game improvement. Most golfers have difficulty with their fairway metals. The shaft is long, the ball must be swept off the ground and the distance the ball travels amplifies small errors. All of this is made more difficult by the inexpensive shaft found in most off the rack fairways. Professional golfers use premium driver shafts in their fairways. They fit the hardest club in the bag to hit with the same quality shafts they use in their drivers. It is little wonder that the typical fairway I see, which was purchased for less than the cost of a decent shaft, delivers inconsistent results. For most of us, finding that great shaft fit is not something that needs to happen more than once. We might change fairway heads on that shaft, but the investment in a great fairway shaft is a long term benefit. Quite often we can simply upgrade the shaft on your fairway head.

Contemporary fairway heads incorporate much of the technology found in driver heads. The smaller size of the faces limit the size of the sweet spot, but the best new fairway heads maximize what can be done. Most fairy heads have a sole “slot”. Like the slot in hot face irons, the slot increases the flexibility of the bottom of the face. This increases the sweet spot of the face, enhancing low face impact ball speed. This is especially important in fairway and hybrid heads where low face impacts are common.

Many inexpensive fairway shafts have soft tips designed to add launch. However soft tip shafts droop and twist losing control the the head. The centrifugal force of the swing “droops” the head down. If this is uncontrolled or inconsistent you will have a difficult time sweeping the ground with a fairway head. As a consequence, it is difficult to develop a consistent swing. This is masked when fitting off a matt. You should always do golf fairway fittings off the turf.

Adjustable hosels can change loft. Movable sole weights that move the center of gravity change the head from forgiving to workable. To complement these advanced head designs, we fit with a collection of aftermarket mid to low torque stable tip fairway shafts. Shafts droop from the weight of the head moving at high speed. Premium shafts minimize droop, enhancing stability of the fairway head as you sweep it across the turf. That creates accurate face contact with the ball, resulting in tighter dispersion and consistent vertical launch. We fit with a range of premium fairway shafts with weights and flexes to stabilize your fairway club swing. These shafts from Mitsubishi and Graphite Design are specifically designed for fairways. If you have never experienced a tour quality shaft in a fairway you have no idea what you are missing.

Golf Fairway Fitting Shafts
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