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Golf Wedge Fitting

Most Golfers focus on driver fitting and overlook wedge fitting. Like irons, there is a large range of wedge shafts. Our wedge fitting system gives you the opportunity to try the multitude of wedge shafts not available in off the rack wedges. Wedge lofts, available from Mizuno in 1 degree increments give the control over …

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Golf Iron Fitting

Iron fittings start with a discussion of objectives. Fit the swing or fit to fix the swing? Club Weight, Club Length, Grip Style and Size, Head Design, Lie, Loft Gaps – all must fit your swing, strength, fitness and your objectives for your game. The grip size and club length are adjusted during the fitting …

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Golf Hybrid Fitting

Hybrid Fitting is part of your golf bag setup. As clubs get longer, the swing plane gets flatter. This results in strike errors that are increasingly horizontal. The face design of hybrids are radiused like drivers and fairways and impart a corrective gear effect spin to heel and toe strikes. In addition, the low, rearward …

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Golf Fairway Fitting

Golf fairway fitting is essential for game improvement. The fairway shaft is long and the ball must be swept off the ground. The distance the golf ball travels amplifies small errors. Inexpensive stock fairway shafts found in most off the rack fairways make this difficult. Professional golfers use premium driver shafts in their fairways. They …

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