Golf Science

I am often asked about my golf club fitting process, I explain it is based on Golf Shaft Science not the myths that are common in the business. These articles are a guide for understanding golf fitting. They provide an understanding of golf shafts which are a major factor in the Fit2Score club fitting process. You can explore golfs shafts at GOLF SHAFT REVIEWS, the Fit2Score golf shaft journal. You can see interviews with golf gear engineers at the DEVOTED GOLFER channel on YouTube.

Fit2Score Golf Shaft Software

Understanding the properties of golf shafts is critical for club fitters and important for golf coaches looking to improve their students’ performance. This is an overview of the software I created to understand golf shafts by analyzing their measurements. Access to the data is available at Golf Shaft Reviews. I was introduced to the concept of EI shaft profiling, the measurement of the golf shaft at various points on the shaft, by golf shaft design engineers. Early in my education of club building I was taught to use frequency for measuring shafts. There were no commercially available instruments for taking…

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Golf Shaft Stiffness

The most common question I am asked while club fitting is about shaft stiffness. Is this shaft right for me? Is it stiff enough? Is it too soft? How stiff is this golf shaft? That question is on the mind of anyone who has ever been curious about their golf clubs. Club makers have been trying to answer that question for a long as I can remember. In this article I discuss the both the science and the mythology of golf shaft stiffness. The first tool commonly used was a deflection board. The butt of the shaft is clamped, a…

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