Golf Club Fitting Dallas Fort Worth

Fit2Score provides golf club fitting outdoors in Dallas. We fit clubs tailored to your skill, fitness and your objectives for your golf game. Properly fit Golf Clubs are the foundation of a good swing. Your golf swing is a synergy between your athletic skill and your golf clubs.

At Fit2Score we have the expertise, experience and equipment to fit you with golf clubs that will improve your game. A club fitter MUST understand golf motion skills, fitness and swing biomechanics. The Highlands Performance Golf Center fitters are all experienced swing coaches.

With your permission they coach while fitting. Your fitting session is not focused on selling you golf gear. It is focused on improving your golf game, perhaps with gear.

Outdoor Golf Club Fitting

I play golf outdoors, I fit outdoors, where the wind blows, the grass grows and the sky is blue. I do not play golf on a simulator or off a matt, so I do not fit on a simulator or off a matt. When you watch the ball fly, you make subtle adjustments to your swing based on what you see. Watching a ball fly is critical to the game of golf. And, turf interaction, an essential aspect of golf, does not happen when hitting off a matt.

Have your golf driver, fairways, hybrids, irons and wedges fit in Dallas Fort Worth the same way a golf professional gets fit. Call to schedule an outdoor fitting session, off grass.

Top 100 Fitter

Fit2Score is recognized by Golf Digest Magazine as a Top 100 Fitter. Understanding the golf swing is an essential part of golf club fitting. Golf clubs will not fix a golf swing. The very first company to offer systematic golf club fitting, Henry-Griffitts, required that its certified fitters were golf teaching professionals. Russ Ryden has been certified by TPI as Level 2 Golf Fitness Instructor and by the AGCP as a Master of Golf Club Technology.

We offer custom golf club building, exactly matching your fitting results. We can adjust the clubs you already own to optimize them to your swing.

Your golf club fitter must be able to identify compensations you developed to adjust for poorly fit clubs. Without properly fit golf clubs you will subconsciously adjust your swing to your club. You may have some swing faults whose ONLY cure is new clubs. An experienced fitting coach knows what can be fixed with golf clubs and what should be fixed with golf motion training. And, quite often, what shaft profile is the best choice for feel and the ball flight you want to create.

Fit2Score publishes the only public comprehensive database of golf shaft properties at Golf Shaft Reviews. Understanding the golf shaft is an essential aspect of golf club fitting. I designed and manufactured a unique instrument to measure golf shaft bending properties. My very accurate, affordable EI instrument is owned by several shaft companies. Thousands of golf shafts have been measured. The Fit2Score database is used worldwide by top fitters. Fit2Score is second to none in our understanding of golf shaft fitting.

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