Golf Driver Fitting

Your driver is a unique club that you swing differently from all the other clubs in your bag. The ball is teed up, angle of attack will add or remove loft. During the fitting we look at loft and angle of attack to find the right combination of ball launch angle and spin to maximize distance and accuracy. Very small changes to head weight and center of gravity affect the delivery of the driver head to the ball. Our driver fitting system shafts are selected to offer a wide range of shaft profiles, weights and stiffness options for all golfers’ needs and budgets. Fit2Score has created and publishes a driver shaft database with close to 3000 driver shafts. We know golf shafts and use the most popular archetypes during driver fittings.

Driver head technology advances seem to know no limits. Every year we see new materials in refined designs. Lightweight carbon fiber frames allow the designers more discretionary weigh to move around inside the head. Their goal is the stabilize the head during impact. Lightweight frames and now light weight carbon fiber faces are creating new possibilities for either forgiving or workable head designs.

We help you understand what the proper launch trajectory looks like for your swing speed and acceleration style. We start by finding a shaft weight range that promotes a consistent swing. Next we look for a bend profile and stiffness that feels good and tightens the impact dispersion on the face and ball flight dispersion on the fairway. It is impossible to see that anywhere but outside with full-flight ball tracking radar. That alone is worth the cost of a session with a skilled FlightScope radar-equipped fitter. We encourage you to book a session with no intent to purchase equipment in order to explore your existing gear and swing dynamics.

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