Golf Iron Fitting

Iron fittings start with a discussion of objectives. Fit the swing or fit to fix the swing? Club Weight, Club Length, Grip Style and Size, Head Design, Lie, Loft Gaps – all must fit your swing, strength, fitness and your objectives for your game. The grip size and club length are adjusted during the fitting to fit you. Once your clubs are delivered, you can book another session for distance and gap analysis. Our fitting systems include the factory carts from most of the major brands.

We fit with an extensive selection of shafts. The shafts we work with have been measured for stiffness, torque, hoop strength, radial consistency and consistency of profiles throughout the set. We only work with shafts that have met our quality and consistency standards. Many are not available in the carts or offered by the factory. We have component status with the major brands. That means we can order heads only, without shafts, grips and factory assembly. Your iron set will be custom built to exactly match the fitting club. The lofts, lies and balance are carefully set during the build. When requested, we can limit the fitting to shafts offered by the head manufacturer and order your clubs from the manufacturer’s factory.

Swing analysis is done primarily through the eyes of highly skilled swing coaches. All of our fitting staff are trained professional swing coaches. Some are also fitness coaches. Outdoor fittings are done with Flightscope X3 radar. It tracks both the club head and the ball. Indoors we use V1, FlightScope, K Vest and high speed video. We firmly believe that the synergy between golf gear and the golfer can only be done by skilled swing coaches. Most fitting sessions at The Highlands Performance Golf Center involve some amount of swing coaching during the session. When appropriate we recommend golf specific fitness and motion training offered in our onsite fitness studio.

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