Golf Wedge Fitting

Most Golfers focus on driver fitting and overlook wedge fitting. Like irons, there is a large range of wedge shafts. Our wedge fitting system gives you the opportunity to try the multitude of wedge shafts not available in off the rack wedges. Wedge lofts, available from Mizuno in 1 degree increments give the control over you distances on you scoring shots. As loft increases, having the proper lie angle is increasingly critical. Using the right lofts will give you consistent distance gaps. We adjust your wedge lofts to fine tune your wedge distances.

Custom grinds, once available only to golf professionals, are now available from many brands. Understanding these grinds and how they fit your game and course conditions can be confusing without the assistance of a professional fitter that understands wedge grinding. I often grind a high lofted wedge to match Texas turf and sand conditions.

Properly fit irons improve you game. Like iron shafts, wedge shafts are available in many profiles, weights and overall stiffness. Often the shafts in your irons can be placed in your wedges. This is very important if you are playing light weight iron shafts. Most stock wedge shafts are 130 grams. That is rarely a good wedge fit for the recreational golfer.

Wedge Grinding Illustration
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